Volunteer with Hohepa Auckland

ADiA FSJ Schemes

Hohepa Auckland welcomes applications from young German men who wish to do their ‘Andere Dienst im Ausland’ (alternative to military and civil service) as a Volunteer Co-worker. Hohepa also welcomes young German individuals to join them for a year through the ‘Freies Soziales Jahr’ scheme. VIA (Verein fur Interkulturellen Austausch) and ‘Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner’s’ are frequent placing organisations.

Community Life

Under the guidance of the Residential Co-worker, Volunteer Co-workers are asked to help support a group of people in need of special care. Tasks will include menu planning and the preparation of meals, the daily management and cleaning of the household in conjunction with other co-workers. Volunteer Co-workers also help with ongoing education programmes, workshops and therapies.

Recreational and therapeutic activities, as well as seasonal festivals are considered an integral part of our cultural and social life. Study and discussion groups, drama, films, music, beaches and bush walks, picnics and common meals, are activities which enrich our lives.

The ability to join in and share work responsibilities is a critical requirement.


Working and living with people in need of special care can be demanding and at times strenuous. Volunteer Co-workers are required to work 8 hours each day (mornings and evenings), five days per week including weekends. Volunteer Co-workers are also required to share overnight sleepover duties. The number of nights sleeping over is in conjunction with other co-workers. This is not normally more than 3 nights per week and most often is only two nights per week. Volunteer Co-workers must be prepared to attend training, meetings and various other special events outside of their normal working hours.

For the stability of our community life and sense of continuity we ask Volunteer Co-workers to make a personal commitment to work at Hohepa for 12 months or longer. Occasionally a shorter period may be accepted. Sightseeing travel within New Zealand is possible at the end of the agreed working period.

The safety and well-being (physical and emotional) of the people in our care is of primary importance. The conduct of the Volunteer Co-worker must be supportive of this requirement. The use of drugs and alcohol is not permitted. Smoking in the presence of the people in our care is also not permitted. Volunteer Co-workers must agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Hohepa Homes Trust.

Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Co-workers live at Hohepa and participate in the financial/economic life of the community in accordance with its policies and procedures. The basic needs of Volunteer Co-workers are covered by Hohepa.

Prospective Volunteer Co-workers must finance their own travel expenses. This also includes the return ticket.

Prospective Volunteer Co-workers from overseas countries must obtain the applicable Visa prior to their arrival, and pay for the cost. Please be aware that this process may take up to 3 months.

For further details please contact us.

How to apply

Your written application should include:

  • A letter of introduction applying for the position of Volunteer Co-worker
  • A resume including education and work history and details of any previous experience in supporting/ working with people with special needs
  • Two written character references
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • A recent photograph