Cultural Life

The passing of time and the changing seasons are richly celebrated at Hohepa. The graces pay thanks to the food that is received, the daily morning and evening song, the morning circles, and the celebrations of the seasons through time honoured festivals give rhythm to the days the months and the years.

Through plays, festive meals, dancing, artistic activities, musical presentations and ceremonies these celebrations are focal points of cultural life and community spirit.

The changing seasons which are important in gardening are marked with a gathering of the whole community.

Summer, the festival of the warmest time of the year, is marked with a gathering of our whole community.  Celebrations are held, along with Carols and a Christmas Play.

Autumn, the season of harvest and shortening of days is celebrated with a great harvest meal. Dancing and gardening activities such as gathering in the pumpkin, remind us of the activities of gathering riches from life. This festival is held on our West Auckland site. The autumn festival has the theme of over-coming fear and finding courage to face the coming ‘winter of the soul’.

Midwinter brings a series of beautiful festivals held in the rich darkness of the winter nights and marked with candles, story and song. The stories of courage and blessing celebrate the return of the light as we pass the longest night.

Spring is the festival of rebirth and once again the whole community gathers to sow the garden seeds. Flowers in the hair and bright music mark the Spring Festival. Bright blue skies and blossoms on our trees are the usual background to our shared picnic.

By marking these changes and celebrating the festivals in the course of the year we help give the people we support a rhythmical structure and meaningful sense of time. This is very helpful for our people, many of whom experience inner chaos and have difficulty relating to concepts of time and change.

Families are always welcome to join us at these festivals.

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