About Us

At the core of the Hohepa Auckland Community is the recognition of the dignity in respect of people with intellectual disabilities.

Hohepa Auckland offers opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to live, learn and work with others of all abilities in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect.

Hohepa’s residential service provides a comfortable and secure home environment with 24-hour support. For both residents and day clients those coming to Hohepa benefit from the regular rhythms to the day with everyone sharing in the everyday activities of their household. Hohepa Auckland’s service also extends to support for people living in the wider community, offering flexible options to enable meaningful lives in every day situations.

The daily interactions between people at home and their interdependence helps to build confidence and social skills, assisting individuals towards greater independence. There is a broad age range, from young adults to those who are now retired. Our strong emphasis on person-centered planning brings out the best in people, widening horizons and creating a forward thinking, confident, out-going community. With backing and support for the achievement of individual goals, community members are taking greater responsibility for the direction of their lives with positive benefits for the individual.

Hohepa’s assistance is delivered to suit the individual, with the ability to come to you if required. For further information please contact the General Manager Hohepa Auckland.