Residential Services

Hōhepa Auckland was established in 1997 and operates a number of residential homes. Currently residential services are provided for 32 people, who resident in adjoining properties, situated at our Titirangi site.

There is a good variety of support in the homes, dependent on individual needs and capabilities.

Central to an enjoyable and meaningful community life is a stable home. People we support live in ‘family-like’ houses, scattered across our community, with support workers providing assistance and guidance.

Hōhepa’s residential service provides a comfortable and secure home environment with 24-hour support. Those living at Hōhepa benefit from the regular rhythms to the day with everyone sharing in the everyday activities of their household.

The daily interactions between people at home and our day program service, helps to build confidence and social skills, assisting individuals towards greater independence. There is a broad age range, from young adults to those who are now retired. Our strong emphasis on person-centred planning brings out the best in people, widening horizons and creating a forward thinking, confident, out-going community. With backing and support for the achievement of individual goals, the people we support are taking greater responsibility for the direction of their lives with positive benefits for each individual.

The main aim of this service is to provide a comfortable environment for each person we support, in which he or she can live interdependently with others.

The homes (apart from two smaller homes) all contain four to six bedrooms and are surrounded by lawn and gardens. Bus stops are at our driveway and the train station is located a short walk away.  

Everyone we support has access to our Community Participation Service – Day Programs, that take place mainly offsite.

Currently, the Residential Services Hōhepa Auckland offers are all in West Auckland and are as follows;

Each house has males and females residing in the home, and no home exceeds 6 residents in any one home. 

Staffing varies according to requirements – we have a diverse range of living options from full time staffing, to houses that are more like independent ‘flatting’.  The main criteria for residence is that the person we support should be diagnosed as having an intellectual disability, have New Zealand residency and be eligible for a residential support subsidy as determined by a Needs Assessment Co-ordination Service.

For enquiries about residential services, or possible referral into the Hōhepa Community, apply to The Residential Coordinator, Hōhepa Auckland

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