Community Participation Services

Hohepa’s day service called “Helios” provides vocational and community participation services for people who live residentially at Hohepa and for independent clients who might live with their family, in their own home, or at a residential service provider other than Hohepa.

Hohepa Day Services aims are, briefly:

  • To provide supportive day programmes for service users in an atmosphere that fosters respect for work and recognises the contribution of each individual
  • To provide vocational training to enhance opportunities for supported and paid employment in the wider community

Hohepa Day Services is located at 18 Barrhead Place, Avondale.

“Helios”: In Greek mythology the sun was personified as Helios. In Plato’s Republic, Helios, the Sun, is the symbolic offspring of the idea of the Good.

Hohepa Auckland also provides transition services for ORRS (Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme) funded students in their last year of school.

For all enquiries please contact us.

SPEC - South Pacific Educational Courses
SPEC – South Pacific Educational Courses

Headway Courses – SPECThese courses are for students aged 16 through to adulthood. The individual modules are categorised into Life Skills, Environment, Leisure and Vocational areas. Each module contains four sections. There is a minimum requirement for students/clients to complete ONE task from each of the sections in each module. The courses encourage the development and demonstration of key competencies.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
TRUMP Course – SPECThis course focuses on each of the five Key Competencies; Thinking, Relating to Others, Using Language, Signs and Symbols, Managing Self and Participating and Contributing.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
Ready for Work course – SPECThis course is aimed at students/clients who are in a work experience placement or who are at work. The sections prepare for the placement as well as record the actual placement and include a health and safety section. The course encourages the development and demonstration of key competencies.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
ArtPainting, Drawing, Eurythmy, Drama, Creativity.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
Community Access SupportFitness, Sport, Games (Community), Leisure Activities.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
Inter-Agency Support and Co-ordinationIn conjunction and in line with new Transition Service. For students who are receiving ORRS funding and are in their final year of School.18 Barrhead Place, Avondale
Horticulture Programme52 Atkinson Road, Titirangi
Environmental module52 Atkinson Road, Titirangi
Life skill module (Home economics)Winter programme.52 Atkinson Road, Titirangi