Community Participation Service

At Hohepa Auckland we support 60 people to participate in a wide range of educational, sporting, cultural and community participation activities. Our aim is to support every life being fully lived. For the younger age group, this can translate into active, vibrant activities, while for the seniors these times can be more peaceful and take place at a slower pace.

We provide vocational and community participation services for people who live residentially at Hōhepa and for independent people we support who might live with their family, in their own home, or at a residential service provider other than Hōhepa.

Most in-house activities are based at our Titirangi site, in the Community Participation service, and range from art and craft, sign language classes, meditation, Zumba, music – through to Māori culture and current affairs. 

Singing is also very popular, with a choir providing performances for special occasions.  The service can be a very busy place at times, with taxis and mini-vans transporting people to numerous activities throughout Auckland city.

Activities out in the community include Polytechnic visits, supported employment opportunities, voluntary work, and community outings such as dancing, gym classes, shake, rattle and roll, learning about the Auckland public transport system, shopping for groceries, music lessons, swimming, the library, Special Olympics, going to a cafe for morning tea …anything!  We try to give all of our residents and day attendees the opportunity to try as much as they possibly can, and to really feel part of the wider community.

We have an organic mini farm garden on site and each member of our community works the garden to support our value of sustainability.  This offers a social therapy environment where residents and day attendees can enjoy hobby activities such as planting vegetables in the wheelchair-accessible raised garden beds and potting up native trees – all for the sheer enjoyment of getting their hands dirty!

For all enquiries, please contact the Hōhepa Auckland Community Participation Coordinator.

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