Services & Programmes

At Hohepa Auckland we offer schooling, home-life and special care for children and young adults living with an intellectual disability.

  • Our residential living options for adults are both within our own community and there are also options for more independent support in the wider community.
  • We also have a range of working and learning options for adults during the daytime through our Day Services Programmes.
  • Our aim is to offer quality care, with activity choices and a range of opportunities to constantly encourage independence and autonomy – depending on an individual’s capability. We look to the wider community for opportunities that enable our people to be a part of ordinary society as much as possible.
  • The facilities within our own Hohepa community enable us to offer service users a rich therapeutic and cultural life with work opportunities, to enable a sense of meaning and worth – in order to create opportunities for all people.
  • Adult residents have daily commitments to work – continuing their skills learning and social interaction through participation in a range of craft, farming/land use and community based activities. Residents can engage in a variety of these supported activities through their week. Some progress to working beyond the Hohepa community, such as engaging in other programmes in the wider community or working in other approved places.
Residential Services
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